Part of the reason I'm thankful for Fargo is I'm overhauling my primary blog. has been operating since 2005 on WordPress, but lately I've grown tired of maintaining all the server side architecture on my little VPS to run it, so I'm moving to Jekyll.

There are few things that frustrate blog readers about blog migrations than the endless posts about how they're doing it, so I figured I'd explore some of it here. Who knows, perhaps my Fargo blog turns into a metablog about blogs!

Firstly, Jekyll has given me the chance to really think about the DOCTYPE I'm using. I've been comfortably on XHTML1.1 for years, but all the cool people my age are on HTML5, so I thought I'd finally give it a try.

Having spent years writing well formed, valid XML, HTML5 is a little scary. Lots of unclosed tags, lack of XML extensions, a spec that keeps changing so often the W3C validator spits out different results each time you use it. Say what you will about specs, but I can finally appreciate why Dave froze RSS 2.0.

I've always been fascinated by metadata, so I figured for a static text-based blog I could take the alternative route and try XHTML1.1+RDFa. It's a W3C spec, and though its not the microdata the cool people are using with HTML5, RDF and I have always gelled (I'll admit, I probably still prefer the so-called RSS1.0 for this selfish reason).

The problem with this approach is, again, the W3C Validator. While the DTD clearly specifies the use of ARIA "role" (something critical if I'm not going to have HTML5 elements like "nav" and "header"), the validator tersely tells me my sandbox XHTML1.1+RDFa markup is invalid because there is no "role" element. Yikes.

So, I'm back at square one. I really want to provide accessibility, and I really was looking forward to getting stuck into RDFa with my new site design. Oh well.

07/04/13; 02:44:59 AM

(A big thanks to everyone in the Fargo community for their comments. If I had a Disqus account, I'd thank you! I'll try out your suggestions. ☺)

As far as I can tell, no way to disable Disqus comments. For reasons I won't get into here, I prefer not to use them.

My custom CSS doesn't seem to be coming through.

No spell checking. I make so many typos this is bound to be an issue.

Each panel in the Settings window has to be updated seperately. If I change something in "Font" then click "Advanced" without clicking OK first, my changes are deleted.

The Fargo outline editor doesn't respect the [Shift]-[Down] combination to select an entire line, like most contemporary editors.

It's US centric, or at least the timestamps are. I'm in Sydney, Australia, and these dates are wildly wrong. Wonder if there's a way to define a +1000 timezone?

The title for my blog here seems to have vanished.

Those issues aside, usability wise I'm liking this a lot. I'm not going to give up my primary self-hosted blog, but this could be used for any number of side projects I'm working on. And I've always had a thing for outlines.

Being able to hit [Command]-[R] and [Command]-[L] to indent or move out an outline point is nice.

+1 for RSS 2.0 (It's Dave, so what would you expect?). The less I have to deal with Atom, the better.

07/03/13; 08:26:25 PM

Wow, here I am, and I even got this cool vanity URL! This is too cool. Pity about the Disqus comments, wonder if they can be turned off?

07/03/13; 06:59:13 PM

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