By Bonnie Tsui at The Atlantic Cities, one of my favourite blogs:

  • Recent brain research has shown that the moderate ambient noise of café chatter and espresso machines, in the range of about about 70 decibels, fosters creative work in a way that extreme quiet (50 decibels or less; think library quiet) does not.

I can attest to this. No matter what I do to furnish my SOHO, I do my most creative work (code, blogging, pontificating) at coffee shops. I'd long assumed there was more to it than the simple caffeine hit I was gladly receiving.

So what's the solution for those who can't leave the house, such as ankle-busted people like me?

  • So perhaps it's no surprise that a new website, Coffitivity, is offering to let you stream the creativity-boosting buzz of the local coffee shop right into your home or office.
07/10/13; 08:30:42 AM

For some reason my account has morphed into two:

This happened after buying VMware Fusion 5.0 Professional. My licences are in one, my (albeit sparse) community posts are in the other. Logging in, I get taken to the second one. I have no idea how to log into the first one.

Me thinks a long and complex road paved with support tickets is about to be travelled. Wish me luck.

07/10/13; 04:28:26 AM

The Japan Times:

  • The U.S. rail company at the center of Canada’s worst train disaster in recent history on Tuesday blamed firefighters for the deadly derailment, as police indicated they believe it could be a case of criminal negligence.

That photo of the piled up tanker carriages is unbelievable.

07/10/13; 04:13:38 AM

In no particular order, to test lists in Fargo:

  • Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

  • True, Spandau Ballet

  • Lily Was Here, David A. Stewart

  • Avalon, Roxy Music

  • Jealous Guy, Bryan Ferry (I know, I know; I like his cover)

  • Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty

The irony hasn't been lost on me that these songs were recorded either before I was born, or when I was an infant.

07/10/13; 04:05:12 AM

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